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Trending in Gawker Media // Feb. 6, 2013

NYC Will Get Either 3 or 30 Inches of Snow This Weekend - Gawker

Have you made plans for this weekend that include traveling outside of your house for even the briefest moment? Cancel them! Or maybe make more of them? The Northeast is about to get walloped or tenderly caressed with either a couple inches or a couple feet of snow.



They’re Attractive, They’re Women, And They Play Games Live On The Internet. But They’re Not ‘Camwhores.’ - Kotaku


The strange, controversial world of pretty women who play games online and the gamers who pay to watch them.


I’m Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, and This Is How I Work - Lifehacker

A look into what Phil Libin, the man behind Evernote, uses to stay organized. Lifehacker caught up with him to chat about apps (of course), workspaces, and so much more.


What Was The Best Super Bowl Ever? Ranking All 47 Games According To Watchability - Deadspin


Sunday's Super Bowl was undoubtedly awesome. Big comeback. Dramatic finish. Weird NFL rules. Beyoncé. The question on everyone's mind: Was it the best Super Bowl ever?


Duke Frat Bros in Trouble for Racist Asia Rager - Jezebel

Why are some fraternity brothers and sorority sisters obsessed with throwing racist shindigs and then compulsively photographing them so everyone on the internet can see how ignorant they are? It truly boggles the mind, but it's happened yet again, this time at — shocker — Duke University, an institute of higher learning that has notoriously low standards when it comes to offensive theme parties.

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