The Caleb Moore Crash: Watching Someone Die on YouTube for Fun and Profit - Gizmodo

On January 24th, 25-year-old snowmobiler Caleb Moore crashed during the X Games freestyle finals in Aspen. A week later, he died of complications from his injuries. And if you want, today, you can watch the fatal crash in its entirety right on YouTube. It's been uploaded dozens of times by perverse opportunists, viewed by millions of post-ironic eyeballs, and sponsored by a herd of unsuspecting advertisers. By any measure, it's one of the most popular snuff films in history.


Vatileaks to the Knights Templar: the Speculation, Gossip and Conspiracy About Pope Benedict’s Abdication - Gawker


Early Monday morning, Pope Benedict XVI announced his plans to resign at the end of the month. Within minutes, gossips and conspiracy theorists across the internet were animated with discussion, all assuming that the pope's advanced age—his stated reason for the abdication—had nothing to do with the decision. Why did he really resign? We've collected some of the best theories.


‘Pedo Parties’ and Racist Ragers: Why Are Frat Bros Fixated on Fucked Up Theme Parties? - Jezebel

After Kappa Sigma fraternity suspended its chapter at Duke University following a racially insensitive Asian-themed rager stories of other recent questionably themed gatherings started to circulate around campus. Highlights included a predominately white fraternity that allegedly hosted a BET (as in Black Entertainment Television) party, and a Sigma Nu pregame gathering called "Creepy Guys and Cutie Pies" which some students referred to as "Juveniles and Pedophiles."


The Tesla Model S Is The World's Most Expensive Beta Test - Jalopnik

Tesla Motors' website promises that the new Model S sedan is a car "so advanced it sets the new standard for premium performance" while delivering "unprecedented range and a thrilling drive experience." But visiting the Tesla Motors Club forums gives you an idea of what the other side of Tesla ownership is like: doors and rear hatches that open on their own, regular failures of the car's massive touchscreen control panel, and powering down randomly.