The Next Xbox Has Mandatory Kinect, Game-Swapping and New Controllers, According To Leaked Info - Kotaku

The next-generation Xbox—the one that will follow the still-popular Xbox 360—will run multiple games at once, require game installations, and will only work when a much-improved version of the popular but divisive Kinect sensor array is plugged in, according to a source.


What Kind of Guy Does a Girl Who Looks Like Lena Dunham ‘Deserve’? - Jezebel

On last night's episode of Girls, Hannah had a two-day fling with a conventionally gorgeous, wealthy doctor (Patrick Wilson) who was so into her that he begged her to spend time with him in his equally gorgeous brownstone eating steaks, drinking wine, and playing topless ping pong—and he didn't seem grossed out at all by her body. Imagine that! Apparently some viewers couldn't.


Every Apple Product Supposedly in the Works - Gizmodo

Did you hear the latest rumor about Apple's "explorations" into a Dick Tracy-like smartwatch that'll soon be attaching itself to everybody's wrists? It's coming soon. Or never. But it's just another one of an avalanche of products Apple is rumored to have in the works. We've rounded up everything Apple's supposed to have in the pipeline. 



Ten Car Mods That Make People Think You’re An Asshole - Jalopnik

Have you ever considered modifying your car, but you weren't sure if the change would make people despise you? You're in luck. Jalopnik readers know exactly what car mods will make people think you're a dirtbag.